Everyone tells us that reading is a wonderful practice. Our parents tried to instigate this value in us and we try to do the same with our children. Why is reading fiction important though? Here are a few reasons why you should encourage your child to pick up that book –


1) Improves dictionary

When your child spends time reading he comes across new words and tries to find out their meanings. By doing so he improves and expands his vocabulary. An increased vocabulary helps in being more expressive, being better in terms of having conversation using the language and having an expansive knowledge.

2) Better creative power

Reading fiction can work wonders for a child’s imagination. They visualize the words they read and often imagine themselves as the protagonist, being the hero of the book!

3) Bonding time

Children tend to spend time with their own self rather than their parents once they start growing up. Reading with your child or reading out to him will give you a little bonding time. You can read out to them when its their bedtime and lead them to wonderful dreams.

4) Morals

Most fictional stories come with certain morals. Reading fiction can be one of the best ways to inculcate these values in your child. When they read about things, they learn as well.

5) Less time spent in front of TV

In today’s date children are spending hours glued to their gadgets. It is harmful to spend so many hours in front of a TV screen. By developing a reading habit your child will spend more time with books and less time with screens.


Make sure you give your child this wonderful gift! You can start by giving them a few books and then you can see where their taste of books lie.

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